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A Day in the Life of a Principle

This  morning I woke up at 6:00, ate breakfast, finished reading an excellent educational book, The Innovative Mindset,



did my Bible study, #lovestartingnewbiblestudybooks


then dashed out the door to make my PLTW stem training at Kennedy Primary Center. While at my training, I expanded my digital literacy by learning to use a new app,

new app

I problem-solved,


collaborated and communicated with new friends,


and I used my critical thinking skills.


I came home at 5:00, ran 3 miles while listening to Eric Metaxes, ate dinner, did the dishes (sort of), folded laundry, wrote a blog post and did my PTLW homework and my Colson Fellows homework.

9:51 pm. This principal is going to bed.




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The Battle of the Chairs

“I’m going to order a chair for your office.”

My hands froze over my keyboard. I quickly adjusted my face to reflect peace and serenity.

“A chair?”

I know his chair. Big. Leather. Uncute.

“That’s okay,” I smile with my mouth, but not my eyes, “You don’t need to. I’ll use my wooden teacher chair.”

“You need a better chair.”

“Oh,” I stammer, “I love this chair. It’s very comfortable.”

“Your back will hurt if you sit in that chair.”

I dig in. Fingers grip my pen,  “No it won’t.”

“Yes, it will.”

No, it won’t. I don’t like your chair.

“Your back will hurt. I’m ordering THE CHAIR.”

Ping pong.

“No, I’ll be good”

“YES, I’m ordering it.”



“Let’s make a deal. I’ll try my cute wooden shabby-chic chair for a couple of weeks. If my back hurts, I’ll be the first to let you know.” (Over my dead body.)

“OK, but your back is going to hurt.”

Three weeks later:

I love my cute wooden chair. It looks marvelous in my office. And my back DOES NOT hurt … but something else does.

I will be getting a cushion.

It’s better to look good than to feel good. 😉

Leave a comment below and let me know which chair you  like better!

by Mary Kane

all rights reserved.

Copyright 2016



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Tools and Skills


Honey, hand me the tools and get out of my way.

Today, as a first year principal, I had to do something new – put new handles on a cabinet. This may sound like a fairly easy task … one you could do in your sleep, but remember, for the past 30 years I have lived in the Man House (previous post).

For 30 years, I have NEVER once mowed the lawn, weed-wacked, or operated a power tool of any sort. My handy hubby takes care of everything.

When my husband is not around my two handy sons take over.

Mom, MOM! Had me the tools and get out of my way.

Each year at school, God knowing my great need,  has supplied me with a very handy student. They see me fumbling with the tools … screwdriver ?? … hammer?? … strange socket/wrench thing??? Inevitably, I hear the same phrase:

Mrs. Kane-hand me the tools and get out of my way.

Today, I wanted to finish a detail in my cute, eclectic, shabby-chic girlie office. I wanted to replace the ugly door handles on my cabinet with the cute handles I found at Hobby Lobby (a place where dreams come true).

No handy husband. No handy sons. No handy students.

My friend Carrie popped in my cute office to say hi. I told her my plan and she assured me I could handle it.

I was a little worried.

The cross I tacked up earlier that day stayed on the wall for about 10 minutes.  Pep talk and prayer followed.

Life-long learner. Problem solver. Innovative thinker.

Hand me the tools and get out of my way!

You can see the results below! As a bonus, I included the cross on the floor picture.(Sofie, I will get someone else to hang the cross.)


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What do you think of my new handles? Have you tried something new lately? Leave me a comment below!


Mary Kane from the Principal’s Desk Blog


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I Get Paid For This!

My Office jpeg

Sitting in my beautiful shabby-chic, eclectic (thanks, Rachel) office.



Creating juices flowing. Heart pounding. Scouring the internet for current educational trends and best practices and it suddenly hits me-

I get paid for this!

I know, there’s probably a support or self-help group for research junkies. I consider my love for research a blessing. A gift from God which I get to use to help others grow in their gifting.

I love how God does that. I use my gifts to help you use your gifts and vice-versa! God is brilliant.

Here are a few things I discovered today:

And don’t miss this one!

The best educational book ever. If you are an educator you must read this!


#lifelonglearner #useyourgifts #bewhoGodcreatedyoutobe

Keep learning.

By mary kane

What have you learned today? Leave me a comment!


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My Office

 My Office jpeg

For the past 30 years I have lived in the MAN house (Husband + two sons).

Wood and metal. Brown and white. Car parts in the kitchen and ladders in the living room.

No fluff. No frills. No fun.

A few weeks ago something beautiful came into my life:

My office. My space. My place.

No IKEA or office warehouse for me. I scoured thrift stores, antique malls and re-purposed vintage stores for the office of my dreams (I think a new reality show is in the works … Tiny Offices … Flipped Offices … ).

I have taken a little good-natured ribbing in the Battle of the Offices. (I’ll tell you later about the battle of the chairs). I thought I’d let you decide! Watch the videos below and let me know who’s office you like better …


Mr. Wever   


My Office        


Don’t forget to comment below on our offices! Leave one word to describe Mr. Wever’s office and  one word to describe my office (Mrs. Kane). Thank you!