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I Get Paid For This!

My Office jpeg

Sitting in my beautiful shabby-chic, eclectic (thanks, Rachel) office.



Creating juices flowing. Heart pounding. Scouring the internet for current educational trends and best practices and it suddenly hits me-

I get paid for this!

I know, there’s probably a support or self-help group for research junkies. I consider my love for research a blessing. A gift from God which I get to use to help others grow in their gifting.

I love how God does that. I use my gifts to help you use your gifts and vice-versa! God is brilliant.

Here are a few things I discovered today:

And don’t miss this one!

The best educational book ever. If you are an educator you must read this!


#lifelonglearner #useyourgifts #bewhoGodcreatedyoutobe

Keep learning.

By mary kane

What have you learned today? Leave me a comment!



A Christian woman who wants to make a difference in the world.

4 thoughts on “I Get Paid For This!

  1. I learned that John Harvard, for whom the college is named, was an English minister in America who became a founding father when he donated 400 books the school. (I love these bits of trivia!)


    1. Jenny, I am so glad you are a lifelong learner! I think it is awesome that Harvard was founded as a seminary. Thank you for commenting.You are a blessing to everyone you touch!
      Do you have any other interesting bits of trivial?


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