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Good Stuff!

I read a couple of excellent educational blog posts over Spring Break.

I try not to work on school stuff over breaks, but I can’t help myself! It’s hard to become un-passionate about my passion! Reading the work of other excellent educators fires me up, keeps me real and makes me want to change the world. I hope this article by Jon Gordon encourages you as it does me.

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How to Interview Like a Rock Star

One of my favorite students contacted me the other day (Don’t judge me. All teachers have favorites). She asked me for a little advice on how to interview effectively. I couldn’t wait to answer her email. I have been waiting for someone to ask me this question for a LONG TIME.

What are they teaching kids in college these days?

Seriously. Is anyone telling our soon-to-be-grads what to do and not do at an interview? How to dress? How to communicate? HOW TO SHAKE HANDS? Continue reading “How to Interview Like a Rock Star”