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13 Reasons Why … Teachers are Effective

It’s that time of year again. It’s when principals reflect on the last school year and start planning for the next.

I’m working on my pep talk for my new teacher orientation. Some of my new teachers are fresh from college. I remember being fresh from college, relieved that the grind of studying and researching were over, and I could finally rest and start teaching.

Ha. A highly effective teacher’s work is never done.

13 Reasons Teachers are Effective

  1. Study: Highly effective teachers are never satisfied; they can always do better. Refine the lesson, tweak a strategy, or deepen background knowledge.
  2. Read: Highly effective teachers read anything and everything. Professional journals, newspapers, fiction, blog posts, Twitter, Facebook and cereal boxes (we don’t have time to cook). Teachers read.
  3. Pray: Highly effective teachers pray for students, parents, patience, wisdom, health and for each other.
  4. Research: Highly effective teachers research latest trends, apps, blogs, methods and techniques. If there is a way to do it better, highly effective teachers want to know.
  5. Reflect: Highly effective teachers reflect on their learning, teaching, methods, strategies and lessons. They ask themselves What went well? What didn’t?,How can I do this better?
  6. Invest: Highly effective teachers invest their time, talent, resources, and money into their students and classrooms. We pour out so we can pour in.
  7. Plan: Highly effective teachers plan projects, lessons, demos, quizzes, collaborative groups, activities, etc. They also plan on the unexpected, the impromptu project, and flailures.
  8. Share: Highly effective teachers share resources, ideas, activities, lessons, strategies, books, blogs, wisdom, hugs and experiences.
  9. Collaborate: Highly effective teachers work with other teachers, other classes, others schools and others community members. We are better together than we are apart.
  10. Innovate: Highly effective teachers take ideas, projects, lessons and activities, and make them better. Reflection is the heart of the innovation process. Highly effective teachers do not teach the same thing twice.
  11. Risk: Highly effective teachers take reasonable risks (sometimes unreasonable!), but never with safety. What if I try this new strategy/app/website/method?
  12. Gather: Highly effective teachers gather ideas from other teachers, websites, blog posts, and journal articles and organize them in a portfolio, file cabinet, or Google Drive.
  13. Learn: Highly effective teachers learn from other teachers, administrators, conferences, professional development, Pinterest, and yes, from students.

A highly effective teacher’s work is never done.

I must confess, I am glad! I love the work, the research, the thrill of the hunt, chasing down new strategies, and methods. I live for that awesome I can’t wait to get to school tomorrow so I can launch with my kids on Monday this new project I just learned about on Sunday kind of teacher kick. In order for our students to improve, teachers must improve. There you have it.

13 reasons why teachers are effective.

I’d love to hear from you! Please leave me a comment below and turn my 13 reasons to 14!

by Mary Kay Kane

copyright 2017

all rights reserved


A Christian woman who wants to make a difference in the world.

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