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Ready, Set, Reset!

How  a little tech can help you get your class off to a great start!

I have the best job in the world—principal/teacher. I get to spend my days teaching students and teachers.  In my last post, Shake it Up!, I wrote about how an easy strategy Shake Things Up (Linda Kardamis) helped me shake up my 6th grade history class.

Today, I want to tell you about another little change that has made a world of difference in my class. Google Classroom.

Before the Bell Work

The first five minutes of a class are the most important. An effective teacher will have bell work ready to go the second the kids hit the door. My problem is I am usually running from my last meeting straight to another teacher’s classroom with no time to distribute or write  bell work on the whiteboard.

Google Classroom to the Rescue

After a lot prayer and thought, a great idea popped into my head. Post my bell work on Google Classroom. As usual, I jumped in with both feet and got the ball rolling. That night I created a Google classroom, loaded my kids’ Gmail emails, and posted their bell work.

Being the Gen Zs that they are, before my class made it to 6th hour, most of them had already checked their email and had started on or knew of their bell work. They in turn told the others and we were up and running. No more rowdy kids, no more what are we going to do today, and no more crabby teacher. Win win for everyone!

Good for subs!

Another awesome idea is to load your classwork on Google Classroom when you need to take a sick day. Every teacher hates to be sick. Most would rather tough it out than write the kind of plans it takes to keep a sub going. Again, Google Classroom to the rescue! I loaded my students’ classwork on Google Classroom, answered questions, and monitored student progress from the comfort of my couch. Game changer!

Google Classroom

Easy. Convenient. Free. If a Boomer like me can launch it, you can to. If you can’t figure it out, just Google it, or ask a Gen Z to help. : /


Leave me a comment about strategies you’ve used to reset your class. I’d love to chat with you!

By Mary Kay Kane

all rights reserved. copyright 2017