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Are you wondering what the heck all this innovation is about? Check out a few of these excellent resources below. As usual, leave me a comment about what you are learning! I’d love to chat with you!

Schools, businesses, churches… we all need to innovate!

  1. Why are Finland’s Schools so Successful? Had enough of standardized testing? Move to Finland!
  2. Four Ted talks to Help You Innovate Your Instruction: Four excellent Ted Talk on Innovation.
  3. Creating Innovators: Why America’s Education System is Obsolete: This is a must read! Why we must not teach the way we were taught.
  4. Innovation in Education: There is something for everybody here! I love this resource because this combo article/video gives actual examples of innovation.
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The Cult of Pedagogy

Ignore the name.

This website is one of my favs for current educational best practices. Jennifer covers everything from reading strategies, 21st century methods,  back to school activities, to latest trends in education. She will challenge you and open your eyes to what’s tried and true and new and good.

Here’s  the link to Jennifer’s amazing website:

The Cult of Pedagogy

Let me get you started with a Youtube vid on one of my favorite practices: Inductive Learning.

As always, I’d love to chat with you, so leave me a message down in the reply section!

By Mary Kay Kane


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Open-ended Questions

Open-ended Questions

Name the Allies of WW ll.

Name the three states of matter

15 x 25  equals what?

Facts. Knowledge-based questions.

Stage 1 of Blooms Taxonomy.They have one correct answer and require very little brain power. You don’t have to figure anything. Just a simple robotic recall and Boom Bam baby, you got an answer. Forget how you got there. Never mind if you did it different than your neighbor. All we care about is the right answer.

Close-ended questions are so … closed. Dead ends. They go no where fast and the thinking, the learning, the creativity is shut in, shut down, and shut out.  Can you hear the brain cells dying as our kids are bored to extinction with reading, writing and ‘rithmetic let alone science and history?

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