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A Few of my Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

One of my favorite things about education is researching.

I love the thrill of the hunt when I am on the trail of a fabulous new activity or teaching method. Over the years I have discovered  many valuable resources. Below are a few of my favorite resources. Get a cup of coffee (in Australian, a cuppa, throwback to my friend Maxine Driscoll), click on a few links and learn a little! I hope you enjoy a few of my favorite things.

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The Vacay

Car psot.jpg

I’ve been looking forward to it all school year.

My getaway #wayupnorth vacay. Time to relax, refocus and reinvent myself.

trading in the screams of my students for the cry of the loons.

the smell of the lunch room for the spicy aroma of the ancient cedar forests.

my desk for a deck and recess for rest.

googles of geese—I mean gaggles of geese. Peace. Tranquility.

emails flying, no wait, eagles flying over head.

Stop. It. No more work.

We went canoeing on an awesome lake, no houses, no cabins, no people. Just us and the loons. The name of the lake: School Lake. No joke.Canal post

Went went paddling up a remote creek. Chopping through the brush, we passed a beaver dam, several SCHOOLS of fish and ran into a man who is a PRINCIPAL (go figure) at Principia Boarding School, in Illinois.

I was shopping at the Great Lakes Tea and Spice Company (which has THE BEST aged cherry balsamic vinegar ever. Straight from the bottle.) and the man ringing me up said, “I bet you’re a teacher.”

Me, with mouth and eyes wide open, “How did you know?”

Clerk: “I can tell. You have so much energy.”

I was only buying tea and vinegar. Carpe Diem.

Up North- I love you! I also love my work. When you love what you do somehow it stops being work and becomes joy.

Leave me a comment about what you are doing on summer break this year. I’d love to chat with you!

The Principal’s Desk

By Mary Kay kane

copyright 2016. all rights reserved



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Apps, Snaps & Smash!

I love being a principal.

I get to spend time doing one of my favorite things—learning about learning. Today, I attended a Webinar from Simplek-12 called the Basics of Mobile Learning. Dig in to these cool ideas:


  1. Students share a journal (digital or old school) and comment or post back and forth to each other. I love it. So 21st century. So basic skills.

Emoji Writing Prompts:


  1. Display a string of emojis and have students write a back story for the icons. How cool is that?
  2. Have the students display emojis in Google classroom  communicating how they are feeling or  what they hope to do or learn that day.

Re-purposed Selfies:

I love my job and my office … which is so much better than Mr. Wever’s black and brown office. I hope I will have lots of visitors!
  1. Have your students create a post with a selfie and then write a paragraph about the selfie.
  2. Ask your students to make a selfie with their favorite book, color or board game and write a short piece about their selfie.
  3. Display 4 selfies and ask your students to write the back story for the images.


Well, that’s all for now. I need to smash some apps before I Pokemon Go!


by Mary Kane

all rights reserved. copyright 2016


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I Get Paid For This!

My Office jpeg

Sitting in my beautiful shabby-chic, eclectic (thanks, Rachel) office.



Creating juices flowing. Heart pounding. Scouring the internet for current educational trends and best practices and it suddenly hits me-

I get paid for this!

I know, there’s probably a support or self-help group for research junkies. I consider my love for research a blessing. A gift from God which I get to use to help others grow in their gifting.

I love how God does that. I use my gifts to help you use your gifts and vice-versa! God is brilliant.

Here are a few things I discovered today:

And don’t miss this one!

The best educational book ever. If you are an educator you must read this!


#lifelonglearner #useyourgifts #bewhoGodcreatedyoutobe

Keep learning.

By mary kane

What have you learned today? Leave me a comment!