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Shhh! Don’t Tell! Inquiry-Based Learning

Step One:

Ok. Open your envelopes, sort your numbers and discover how the numbers relate to each other, I said to the 5th grade class. The envelopes contained slips of paper printed with two base numbers and their factors. The base numbers are underlined and each set is in a unique font. I was using inquiry-based learning method with my class.

“Inquirybased learning (also enquirybased learning in British English) starts by posing questions, problems or scenarios—rather than simply presenting established facts or portraying a smooth path to knowledge. The process is often assisted by a facilitator.” Wikipedia

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Growth Mindset

Once a blue bird, always a bluebird.

Johnny is the smart one. Sally is the pretty one.

Let me do that—it’s too hard for you.

Fixed mindset statements. Deadly. Stifling. Poisonous.

I grew up in the 1960’s when IQ testing was all the rage. Scientists and educators wanted to know our IQ so they could label and sort us into ability groups. Once tagged, we were destined to stay in our groups forever. After all, IQ is static, right? It never changes, so why would a teacher EVER change group members. Students had no hope of changing or advancement. Once a bluebird, always a bluebird.

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A Few of my Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

One of my favorite things about education is researching.

I love the thrill of the hunt when I am on the trail of a fabulous new activity or teaching method. Over the years I have discovered  many valuable resources. Below are a few of my favorite resources. Get a cup of coffee (in Australian, a cuppa, throwback to my friend Maxine Driscoll), click on a few links and learn a little! I hope you enjoy a few of my favorite things.

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