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Are You CRA-CRA?

So I’m on day three of being sick and I’ve had tons of time to resear—I mean rest on the couch. While I’ve been resting, I’ve watched video three of Number Sense.  In video 3, Christina Tondevold is teaching about CRA method of presenting information.


Concrete: hands-on manipulatives to represent a number concept or situation such as three red discs and four green discs to make seven discs.

Representational: a drawing or a model made by the child of a number concept or situation such as students draw three red balloons and four blue balloons to make seven balloons.

Abstract: symbols only such as 3 + 4 = 7

So what’s so CRA-CRA about this concept? We’ve been doing this for years, right? The CRA-CRA part is: we need to do these three concepts all at once, all together. Continue reading “Are You CRA-CRA?”

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Tools and Skills


Honey, hand me the tools and get out of my way.

Today, as a first year principal, I had to do something new – put new handles on a cabinet. This may sound like a fairly easy task … one you could do in your sleep, but remember, for the past 30 years I have lived in the Man House (previous post).

For 30 years, I have NEVER once mowed the lawn, weed-wacked, or operated a power tool of any sort. My handy hubby takes care of everything.

When my husband is not around my two handy sons take over.

Mom, MOM! Had me the tools and get out of my way.

Each year at school, God knowing my great need,  has supplied me with a very handy student. They see me fumbling with the tools … screwdriver ?? … hammer?? … strange socket/wrench thing??? Inevitably, I hear the same phrase:

Mrs. Kane-hand me the tools and get out of my way.

Today, I wanted to finish a detail in my cute, eclectic, shabby-chic girlie office. I wanted to replace the ugly door handles on my cabinet with the cute handles I found at Hobby Lobby (a place where dreams come true).

No handy husband. No handy sons. No handy students.

My friend Carrie popped in my cute office to say hi. I told her my plan and she assured me I could handle it.

I was a little worried.

The cross I tacked up earlier that day stayed on the wall for about 10 minutes.  Pep talk and prayer followed.

Life-long learner. Problem solver. Innovative thinker.

Hand me the tools and get out of my way!

You can see the results below! As a bonus, I included the cross on the floor picture.(Sofie, I will get someone else to hang the cross.)


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What do you think of my new handles? Have you tried something new lately? Leave me a comment below!


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