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Apps, Snaps & Smash!

I love being a principal.

I get to spend time doing one of my favorite things—learning about learning. Today, I attended a Webinar from Simplek-12 called the Basics of Mobile Learning. Dig in to these cool ideas:


  1. Students share a journal (digital or old school) and comment or post back and forth to each other. I love it. So 21st century. So basic skills.

Emoji Writing Prompts:


  1. Display a string of emojis and have students write a back story for the icons. How cool is that?
  2. Have the students display emojis in Google classroom  communicating how they are feeling or  what they hope to do or learn that day.

Re-purposed Selfies:

I love my job and my office … which is so much better than Mr. Wever’s black and brown office. I hope I will have lots of visitors!
  1. Have your students create a post with a selfie and then write a paragraph about the selfie.
  2. Ask your students to make a selfie with their favorite book, color or board game and write a short piece about their selfie.
  3. Display 4 selfies and ask your students to write the back story for the images.


Well, that’s all for now. I need to smash some apps before I Pokemon Go!


by Mary Kane

all rights reserved. copyright 2016