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21st Century Classroom

Seventeen years ago, we were preparing to enter the 21st century.

If you’re over 40 you probably remember stockpiling canned goods, bottled water and beef jerky, waiting¬† for the giant cyber crash, while hiding in your basement (something to do with 100101010 binary computer code stuff I think). It never happened. Continue reading “21st Century Classroom”

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Student Questions

In what year did Columbus discover America?

Teachers are always asking questions, but do teacher questions ensure student learning? What would happen if teachers flipped the process and let their students ask and answer some of their own questions?  You might be surprised at the outcome!

Please click on the play button below to watch a short video about student questioning!


Letting students pursue their own questions can bring new life to dull content. Give it a try and let me know how your students like this effective engaging technique!

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by Mary Kay Kane

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